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Kabarungi Priscilla is an exceptional woman tourist guide seamlessly blending her extensive knowledge of birds,mammals, reptiles and diverse cultures to provide an enriching experience for her guests. As a birder , Priscilla effortlessly identifies and shares fascinating details about bird species encountered during her tours.From vibrant plumages to distinct calls that develop a profound experience for the avain wonders that inhabit the regions she explores. Her expertise extends beyond birds,as she fluently narrates facts about mammals and reptiles bringing the safari experience to life.Priscilla’s ability to spot elusive creatures and provide in depth information on their behavior showcases her dedication to creating a comprehensive wildlife encounter for her guests. Notably, Priscilla is not only a naturalist but also a cultural enthusiast.She seamlessly weaves the stories of local communities into her tours, offering insights into-old traditions, rituals and customs.Her interaction with indigenous groups foster a deeper understanding of the rich cultural tapestry that surrounds the natural landscape she guides visitors through. Kabarungi Priscilla’s unique approach as a woman birder and tourist guide in Uganda extends beyond knowledge;her passion, warmth and commitment to conservation create a memorable and educational experience for those fortunate enough to embark on a journey under her guidance.


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